as an intermission between hates i will give a written mad props, high five, gold star, A+, big ups, and shout out to the greek god of foods; pancakes.

entirely different from a roman pancake on urbandictionary.com you jerks.

seriously though, pancakes are literally an oracle amongst breakfast foods. even when less fluffy and more dense like a clammy hand, they taste delicious when cold.

you, fluffy as a cloud, and piled high the to the sky,

you are everything that is right with the world.

everyone from luchadors to lepers can appreciate a good pancake

although somehow google has failed me, and apparently sumos, luchadors, nor wrestlers eat pancakes, or at least do not take photographic evidence of such events. i'm pretty mad about it actually - oh ! better keep the mood of this entry light and airy; LIKE A PANCAKE !!!

one can only assume this man is a wrestler.

think of the potential. think of how obedient his wife is.

im fairly adamant about wanting to marry this man.

my hate of children is overpowered by my love of immense things in this picture.

ie: big things !

and this little piggy was made out of batter and digested squee squee squee all the way to my bowels.


Sara said...

dude. lets do brunch soon. because a) sadies pancakes are unreal and b) there's a place down the street from me that does the most epic looking pancakes i have ever seen in my entire life. they're made in the oven and takes 30 minutes from the time you order them.


30 minute oven pancakes are the most appealing thing ever to me. AND i think i'll actually have money this sunday.

i miss brunch, we need to do more things weekly instead of calling them weekly and then having me drop off the face of the world haha.