i confess. i've been watching a lot of mtv tonight, and they keep on playing this little blip of a new song by 'lykke li' - don't ask me. i didn't bother even looking into how that's pronounced.

i don't see how playing a clip of this video/song does it any justice cause the blink worth of screen time on tv plays this inaudible verse;

a little bit, a little bit
a little bit in love with you
but only if you're
a little but, a little bit, a little bit
in lo-lo-lo-lo-love with me


it sounds like finnish gibberish until you concentrate on what she's saying while reading the lyrics. DEAR GOD WOMAN ENUNCIATE CHRISTSAKES.

watching this song multiple times to criticize it kinda has it growing on me, my attention is mostly captivated at 1:53 in the song, because a frumpy broad with free spirited boobs makes her entrance on the right, and continues to shimmy in her animal negligee. please, for the love of my pupils, dock those with a boyscout knot or two !

i still can't put my finger on what her voice is comparable to when it reaches that plush high pitch of hers, i think it reminds me of children. all i know is that when paired with a spazy twitch version of the hokey pokey, it leaves a sour taste in my eyes.

alright, better. she emits a good beat, and a better sing song voice in the vein of cat power vs fiest feel almost, but done in a tiny eerie voice still half the time. this video makes me wish i was under the influence. any influence.

the distance school hallway dance part of the video is like britney spears choreographer in 'hit me baby one more time' was playing a cruel prank on her career.
thankfully now britney spears needs no aid in sabotaging her own career.

this version features robyn looking like a certifiable grade A dyke. also featuring a couple indecipherable pouty megaphone lyrics, followed up with an eerie high pitched drug induced voice. this dance has been brought to you by listerined cherokee indians.
you can send your thanks via the casino.


Misty Blue said...

Ummm, that second video is creeeepy

Alexandra said...

hahaha i was actually showing the live video with robyn to my friend today upon realizing she's coming to australia. I seriously dig her! she was posted on a blog several months ago and i immediately fell in love!

it's pronounced "likey lee," apparently.