i came across this knit atrocity in kensington market today wandering about;

nearly ruined a perfectly good unknit day i tell you.


maybe all i need is a new hairdo to spice things up?

thanks Japanese artist Nagi Noda.

this makes me feel great about my bad hairdays and bedhead, why wouldnt i want to parade around with a parade float on my head through out my day.
feeling like less of myself than usual, i haven't been writing which bums me out,

but i have been triflin' with you blogspot; with my tumblr, which is more constantly being updated with funny pictures at least, still without funny ramblings though.

this isn't goodbye.

just temporarily farewell.


also completely related to the above picture;

i've been cheating on blogspot with tumblr.

i'm too cynical lately. i've lost interest in everything. i really wanna drink my weight, but once i have a drink in my hand, i don't care anymore.


better just hate on small children in outrageous outfits in the meantime.


completely unrelated to the above picture;

i think my neighbour is the only guy in the world still to rock airwalks, a wallet chain, and cargo pants.