fuck you aretha franklin.

there, i said it. take that black queen of soul, i hope your giant bedazzled hat burns in hell. fashion my ass ! inauguration or not, that thing stinks. rosa parks would never wear such a thing !

or maybe she would...

...waaaaaaaaaaaaaait, a second.

editors note; tiger woods would be here if a woodchuck could chuck wood, and wore anything other than nike caps, EVER. bigups to oprah and kanye for being too smart to be busted with a goofy hat. also irritating is that kanye is now known as 'martin louis the king jr.'


but i digress.

here are two of my most hated things,

the hat, with a cameo appearance from ellen.

of course this smug asian would think otherwise.

of course.

in other news,
my cat is a pervert.

thanks lionel.

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