learning to walk is literally , the most stupid thing ive EVER had to do in my life.

today was a big day; it was my first day without a leg brace nor crutches. LOOK MA. i went to work, the eaton centre, even the subway. i feel like when a dog does something completely idiotic and irrelevant and wants a cookie for it anyways. despite my sheer happiness over such an inane event, not only have i not fully abandonned my peg-legged teeter, but now have taken on a new cocky-old man swagger mixed up with the steadyness of someone balancing books on their head while tight-rope walking, which can only be confused as walking around town being sodomized by a pop can.

this picture may or may not depict sodomy, or maybe just snakey blowjobs. nice speed handles on the right. that one woman's fiercely pointy left tit isnt doing much for me right now.

i seriously cant believe the massive snowballing of events following this stupid knee dislocation. come over, pay 5$ and watch the freak show, i'll walk across my house for you.


The Underground Guide said...

the best part of all f this is i can picture you EXACTLY PERFECTLY in my mind doing the old mad sodomy marionette strut. i tossed in the marionette part for good measure because i imagine when you're feeling especially limber and excitable this would apply as well.

julia claire said...

im not paying for shit unless you're chris browning.