so my work is featuring Nuit Blanche this weekend. i'd be lying if i said that i wasn't kinda a teeny lil bit amped for it. what better time for me to shine than by staying up unreasonably late to look at some wicked (but generally mediocre) art !! last year there were a few honourable mentions like the lower bay station which is under the east/west bloor line. they had opened up a whole level of subway station that had been closed for 30 yrs. there was also a great projection on loop that made it seem like a sidewalk level store that's comprised mostly of windows was flooded, holding within it giant fish ,floating chairs and made to look like an aquarium.
there's a cool one this year that'll make it look like an apt is having a torrid fire contained in it. theres another exhibit which this guy is known for doing waterfall installations out of buildings and hes doing it out of a small former prison chapel. prisoners ! wicked !

the biggest dread of saturday, which i will go to, because i'm a sadist, is the exhibit called "i promise it will always be this way" , which i am glad that it will not, because the way in which they want it to always be,
is actually a personal hell of mine.

a few dozen mascots will be running around all night in this field 'cheering and clowning to whip the crowd into a frenzy'. a few dozen mascots? pardon, im sorry. A FEW DOZEN MASCOTS?!??! i suppose it could be worse. it could be a few dozen mascots crammed into a basement bachelor apartment. a few dozen mascots neglecting to pay their taxes. a few dozen mascots hanging with my parents. a few dozen mascots coated in peanut butter. or a few dozen mascots unleashed into my room while i sleep. but seriously? last year the exhibit at this field was a giant blow up balloon grasshopper made in the same awesome balloon manner as those balloon castles you jump in and the scary leather-made aunt you always try to avoid. fuck you jon sasaki.
...i will personally give a few dozen mascots the finger on saturday night.

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Sara said...

i go past the waterfall thing on my way to work, and it's looking pretty impressive.