a lot of people are riled up about new tattoo barbie, even though her tattoos are arm flower stickers among other harmless crud.

i mean, sure, you could blame one single doll for the entire freakshow downfall of your children, or you could blame yourself. everyone needs a scapegoat. i was a mercilessly shy child until about highschool, gifted for most of my childhood, very obedient for most of the time, and here i am. i dont even know WHICH doll to scapegoat for my current life choices.

i guess if anything this doll is helping millions of parents across north america shift the blame from their poor parenting skills onto an inanimate foot tall plastic object worth 25$.

if anything we could be more riled up that barbie is still being made in indonesia, but then again, what do the ten cent salaries overseas have to do with our spoiled children's current life.

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