tmi - tl;dr

i was thisclose to deleting my last post but decided against it because it was essentially my saving grace of the day. i have an awesome boyfriend, and amazing roomates(awesome pals i happen to also live with).

i really wasn't in party mode for my birthday this year, and regardless of what i wanted to do, funds to be in party mode weren't at my disposal anyways.

i guess when you live by 'friends as family' as a low cal replacement to real family that isn't there for you, it leaves you feeling like an idiot when your chosen 'family' you think so highly of, doesn't do the same back.

alongside the weather, i guess i'm just overly dissapointed with the outcome of my birthday. but then again , what can a girl do? it's my birthday and i can cry if i want to... that's what.

and more stupid jewelery i stumbled upon at 3:30am that i think is great even though i'd probably never wear it;

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