this entry has been brought to you by ritalin.


it's that time of the month where i hate sad people who have mastered the dual skill of having too much time on their hands and too many pets.

as though he wasn't already droopy enough.

actually, im jumping ship on pet costumes , and knitting this time, because this post has been abruptly hijacked by muppet inspired fashions...

sorry Jean-charles de Castelbajac - sorry the culture shock between france and americas has set you into a fashion frenzy, but maybe oscar the grouch will point you in the right direction. maybe if these clothes were about 9 sizes smaller than an anorexic model, they would fit a chubby toddler, then be subject to a whole new realm of my hate.

i however, DO need this;

now this entry has turned into a list of STUPID THINGS A STUPID GIRL NEEDS ^_________________^

(this outta a cake for my birthday - hint hint, the 20th.)

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rachkael said...

Where did the USB key...keys come from?! I have deep desires. DEEP!