im power nerding right now; TL;DR

i don't know if it's spring in the air, all the cleaning/throwing out/yardwork i've been doing, myself just wanting to spoil myself for my birthday or fuck knows what. screw it, i'm doing a julia-style entry of fucking eyecandy right now. tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

someone please go to magic pony with me this weekend. preferably on a bike, preferably eating street meat. preferably.

nevermind, this s 64gigs !

minus the developmentally disabled limp-wristed claw hand.

wut wut corky.

i definitely posted this before.

little houses has the cutest side buttoned girl shit ever.

omfg coin purse

actually no, i just want a qualty PAC bag;

actually, nix all of that, and disregard it ever happening - i just wanna buy a stack of books from magic pony and a pile of books from indigo and hide out reading in my closet for a week straight.

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