if you got it, knock out your teeth and talk british...

just because i can't get enough of amy winehouse all of a sudden;


she is the crackhead-repunzel of this era.

cher !

twisted sister !!

for any time i've ever given someone stink eye, i formally apologize. im currently relearning proper technique and will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

after barely playing 'just the tip' in such a large collection of pictures, i'm mostly left wondering when the title 'damaged goods' can be used on a person.

it makes me really happy though to know that when not a goofy disproportionate muppet, amy winehouse moonlights as howard stern when she doesn't have a british guard's hat strapped to her head and two thirds of Ru Pauls makeup collection on her face.

this also makes me feel really happy about any insecurities i've ever had in my life ever.

amy winehouse pictures are a proven therapy method in lieu of prozac.

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