i frequently pine over having long hair once again these days.

this is fucking ridiculous though.

sigh, my birthday's coming up which brings a certain dread and a certain excitement. it's the more i think about the excitement in which the dread sneaks in right after.

25. what a dumpy number. i should be having some sort of quarter century eye-opening revelation or some frantic crisis but here i am rekindling my flame with the internet instead in my underwear on my bedroom floor.

i don't have any vices i need to abandon, i don't have any ties i need to break.
i just googled 25th birthdays, and at least i don't look like this i guess;

i think i might devote this blog entirely to amy winehouse. i mean. WOW. i haven't been keeping up, but WOWWWWWWW

if you've got it, flaunt it.

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onehundy said...

oh all of my favourites!