so seth rogen, gods gift to stoner culture.

so , let's take a stroll through your career sir rogen. i did know you got your start in Freaks And Geeks, notable show, loved it from the start, granted, did get stoked when you started appearing in movies and i recognized you from this old fav of a show. went on to think your main costar Linda Cardellini was such an uber babe, and has done nothing but progressed in the field of babeliness throughout her career, grandmas boy? maxim? yowza.

blonde ! you minx !

you though, were neither notable, nor underappreciated playing a lackluster stoner accomplis. donnie darko and dawsons creek? REALLY. how bizarre how bizarre. hell, i can't even recall you in anchorman. knocked up, fine. superbad, hilarious. step brothers? revived my love for will ferrell once more, but really a weak cameo.

pineapple express. wow, youre really diverse and not trying to corner yourself into a sterotype at all. im guilty of having a few cheap laughs, but honestly, once it got past halfway of the movie after that drug dealer talks of the probability of his cat going to cat-hell, i lose interest and usually fall asleep without remorse. i got tricked into zack and miri make a porno, admittedly i liked it. it was a sneaky romantic comedy about nerd-idiot acheives babely idiot girl. cute. lets all fall into that cookiecutter.

fuck me raw in a storage room.

i was actually hoping for something more offensive from all the controversy that such a title had riled up.

the reason this blog was on the tip of my tongue was from a movie preview for Observe and Report that was played prior to the watchmen.


you'd actually want to combine that clusterfuck of generic stupid stoner based movies into one? why not really huh? i mean, i hate stoner culture more than anyone, so its quite the ironic incident having my birthday fall on the glorious birth-of-christ-equivalent to stoners on 420.

so, seth rogen, i hope you roast within the depths of cat hell , in which vivid incarnations within my mind includes a never ending suply of fresh steamy-in-cold weather cat turds not fully covered in odour masking clay pellets. enjoy.

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The Notorious B.A.T. said...

Seth Rogen looks like the Philly Fanatic. That realization changed my crush on him, for the good.

Also, Zach and Miri was a terrible movie and I hope Kevin Smith has nightmares about the pain he inflicted on people by making it.