agness deyn.

biggest love hate relationship of the moment. very cute, very chic, moonlights as very hipster when pushing the vintage derelict hobo look too much. bad agness, naughty agness.
she's actually gorgeous for the entire jean paul gaulthier MADAME campaign, but other than that i feel that everyone is gush gush gushing too much over her quirky unique stylings which are really a typical 16+ fashion sense, and never-may-care attitude. maybe im just bitter, unappreciated, a brunette, and poor.

you cannot wear a mesh drape with strategically placed warhol patterns to cover your unmentionables. because i will mention them.

boy bodied granny wasted cute shark print buttoned fly high waisty camel short. reminds me of that blondo in lords of dogtown.

granted, on a runway obviously, so she cant be blammed for her pirate-chic glam.

modern day super model? up and coming kate moss? the newest twiggy?

or a soon to be deadbeat pride attender singing female masturbation songs while pushing 60. same difference no?

her being dressed in a patented-shoulder-padded-barbie-pink blazer reminds me of that special time in a young girls life where she decides that barbie needs a new hairdo. anyone with barbies however soon realises but never really gives up on changing barbie from her intended theme. tried to change barbies hair? never worked. whether combed, nor cut, barbie is one stubborn cunt, and no matter how many artifacts you piece together from various barbies, the new mashed up look never looks good, and never compliments your barbies newly dyked 'do. please purchase whole new outfit with non fitting shoes for 19.99. thanks mattel.

we get it , you're quirky. WHAT AN INDIVIDUAL. the red really brings out, your complete utter lack of pigment.

this doesn't even look that great

this only proves that once a babe, a babe in anything. from hot couture, to hipster trends, or your grannie's panties stretched into a doily dress. WHY NOT
looks like a dickie is trying to kill you agness, watch your back.

"oh gosh im so shocked you got me in my rushian babushka doll traditional african warrior chainmail casual seawear outfit...do you think the hat is too much? does it clash with my betty page face? no? the orange bedazzling wasnt too much? good. maybe i'll wear more neon doilies next time."

hold on there hotty hotty hot pants, theres enough teal spandex here to house an african tribe.

people rave about her bringing back a punky edge to fashion, cute is cute is cute. she could chose any identity and work it. what about this beach bum tan, sew cute. i don't think they sell up teh punx for 400minutes at 60$

i could dress her flippant do and fresh face up in a bag of flaming turds and people would still squeal what a fashion forward muse she is.