6 letters that sum up my life impeccably right now.

the way people get seasonal affective disorder; i've got the most serious case of exercise withdrawals. the lack of gyming and biking in my life is only magnified by the fact that i can barely walk. i can hardly maneuver myself around normally let alone not partake in all my usual extracurricular activities.

debt is only increased at this point because all the money i devote solely to paying off debt is getting usurped by taxi cabs right now. being my most dependable and most vampiric mode of transportation is honestly the worst. a lack of kneecaps means a lack of biking which means utmost dependency on transit of any type. groan.

accompanying my deflating personality is my utmost distaste for my job right now.

okay, so i nudge a couple more elbows this year, promote a few more accounts, push a couple more visas... where does that even get me? everything goes by unappreciated and unnoticed at work. hell, i received top customer service rep for a quarter last year without even trying. right now i'm starting off already exceeding my goals, but what's the point though? doubled, tripled, not at all, deaf mute, broken knee. i'm not even grateful for job security anymore. it's like rubbing one out at the sperm bank and then expecting a high five. if i wasn't on ground level, the urge to throw a pop bottle of marbles through the window might be too satisfying these days.

i couldnt bring myself to delete this long written moan this time, however i am entirely positive that all my problems could be cured by a bite of falafel right about now though.

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