xmas schmexmas.

so in the spirit of christmas, here i am on christmas eve trying to de-irritate myself - so i decide to have a bath. this is shortly ruined by the sound of a woman through my closed windows, about a couple houses down the street greeting each of her guests as they arrive, by yelling festive things...which isn't out of the ordinary , or really in my favour to hate on except for one thing;

she sounds like fran drescher.

yes, even fran drescher has a biography. how do i know? because my mother owns it. my petite sour asian mother who hates most-if-not-all owns fran drescher's biography. of course my mother is the only person who owns this, why wouldn't she?!

i mean, maybe even my mother mistook her for a half Real Doll half Asian cross breed.

who am i to bitch and moan,
with such a long list of credentials, it's a wonder anyone hates her at all. she's also done an Adobe PDF eBook called Cancer Schmancer, and because of such, is toying with running for Congress apparently. i dont think someone entirely composed of poufy hair and an erratic nasal machine gun laugh can do such a thing, but hell, they put a cat in space, what do i know.

thanks france.

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