you've gotta sink, gotta sink, gotta sink to swim.

most notably as of lately, im horribly balls deep into Cursive's The Ugly Organ all over again which is like the bermuda triangle of fav albums for me, because although it came out in 2003, once i break it out, i can listen to nothing but it on loop forever.

also, out of pure rage because of last night's events and repeatedly asking people if they knew of this "board game that was like a yellow rectangle with these rubber band things on the outside to bounce off of, and it was like, metal marbles with rings of saturn things around them like bumper car style..."

but alas, i am not crazy. after sounding like a complete twit, and doing the most vague google searches ever,

EAT MY DUST. i don't really remember the point of the game, or why it was so hard to whip ball bearings around the corner off of rubberbands to score points. but at least im rest assured that my azn mother didnt put marbles in a tissue box and shake them around as a toy for degenerate only children everywhere.

this was a rambling post out of spite.

file under useless.

speaking of useless old toys from the 80s...

welcome once more to my personal hell.
not only the sheer frustration of not properly doing it, but once having acquired the devolutionary skill to do so, you are instantly rewarded for your relentless efforts by having a repetitive irritating noise, at the facility of your own fingertips ! RAGE.

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mr.jr said...

jeebus! i absolutely remember 2-cushion rebound... my grandmother had it and i turned into a g.i. joe staging area