you're outta my highchair, i'm outta your womb.

angelina jolie.

whoa solid babe. no? then you hate her right? wait, do you hate her because of her babe status, the dreamboat husband, the defined facial features, the hot bod, the perfect embodiment of a gaming character, her goodwill ambassador of the friggen universe status, the progressive good looks of someone that's pushing fourty which is generally destined for distinguished grey charming older gentlemen? or is it the fact that she's the most fertile woman in the world.

wait, let me guess. it's the fact that she looks good in a lime jello wig isn't it.

personally, i don't care. if angelina could just keep on pumping out children like the dumpy baby factory that she is, and actually just take up the alloted quota of babies born in the world ever... well fuck, slap me upside the head and call me a juggalo cause id high five her and her accomplice's super sperm.

so for all the sterile women in the world, not only is she the object of their envy because no one can adopt a baby quicker than ms jolie. she may possibly be able to adopt a child from across the world quicker than you can sneeze. that's baby acquiring at 100mph ! but no, she's not even sterile. shes actually the most fertile woman in the world. she's just delivered 2 natural births in july (making a regulation size NBA team) but mere months later, she's already got something up her sleeve, and by sleeve , i mean wizzard sleeve, which is actually up her uterus. GROSS.

angelina jolie is officially fetus-licious.



julia claire said...

Maddox Chivan, Zahara Marley, Shiloh Nouvel, Pax Thien, Knox Léon, Vivienne Marcheline GO!

The Notorious B.A.T. said...