whoa. i actually haven't wanted a gaming console nor to play video games for long time until tonight after having seen ads for left 4 dead, and mortal kombat vs dc universe.

i've decided that my next self indulgence will be you xbox 360.

coming from the person who has a sega genesis hooked up in her room lightly dusted, and the last game i actually got stoked about was tony hawk on n64, this is a huge deal.
theres only a handful of games i get riled up over, hell i haven't even played rockband/guitar hero yet. half of it is the being raised by a tecno-phobic asian mother, half of it is my complete disregard and unwillingness for anything which requires as much physical stamina as dance dance revolution.
this only sucks because the timing of this all. i've totally been had by the excess of christmas toy commercials that have been pumping out of my tv lately. what sucks even more is that i'm not a doe-eyed kid hoping or nagging for this to arrive on xmas day. i'll be more leering and squinty eyed as ever handing over 300 for the system, and another presumably 60 bucks apiece for the two games i want. on the plus side for the holidays, if i order it online i get four bonus games i don't want or need!

don't question the value of receiving for free things you dont want. value !


pepin said...

MK sucks balls but the idea was cool.

left 4 dead is just awesome.

i'll bring you my xbox for xmas since i don't use it!



santa ilu.