no news is good news.

so , i've always been a longstanding hater of the news in general.

but today especially because while in limbo pre-movie post-work, i had picked up a copy of the Toronto Sun while killing time in starbucks .

for yous that don't know of the old-enough-to-know-better child, who got his x-box taken away on thanksgiving due to playing too much Call of Duty and has recently been found dead in the woods by deer hunters story, theres the jist of it. okay, i don't mean to sound like more of an excessive douchebag than normal, but when your son is found after such a rediculous series of events, you are not allowed be quoted as saying "THERE IS NO GOD" and "WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO MY BEAUTIFUL SON". do you even remember how mad you were at your idiotic beautiful son on the night you took away his video games? you caused this with normal parenting, and because of your sons poor judgement skills, and being incapable of coping with normal situations, and just plain ol' fucked up. i don't know. its just a shaken popbottle's worth of anger thats been brewing in my mind the past 6 hrs.

Hmmm. i mean, sure, anything that ends in death... usually not good. it's a given that obviously it does suck that after such a rediculous series of events, a month later your child his body is dead of still unconfirmed events. i dont care. your son fucked up, and the consequence was death. god evened out the herd by making your weaker link obsolete. 0wned.

followed up by this was a small column, saying how they were going to rid the city of basketball hoops because basketball courts are essentially breeding grounds for drug dealers. people were quoted as "they dont even play basketball" and "they bring their stereo and play loud music and deal drugs at night". naturally as you can see the root of all evil is the basketball hoops themselves. i mean, brainstorming from that train of though on it's own, why don't we just rid ourselves of visible ethnic minorities, or weeds. because what all drug activity has in common, that on the basketball court pavement on which they stand, all the cracks, all have weeds. weeds are the base of drug activity. weeds are a gateway plant.

weeds are a gateway plant.


wanderlust said...

I just lol'd so hard at 'weeds are a gateway plant'

You make words worth reading.

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Thanks :-)