it's three am, do you know where your jenjen is.

i am making a list
and checking it twice,
things which are banished to the island of misfit toys is what it will comprise.

it's like the axis of evil of the holiday season, the axis of scrooge if you will;

(don't worry, youre safe here.)
past, present, and future inductees include
- my mother
- dickies
- that time of the month; christmas itself
- two kittens pooing in one litter box at once
- camel toes up close and personal at the gym
- snuggies
- all children ever*
- licorice
- cilantro
- russell oliver
- papercuts
- payless shoes and their bogo event. bogo? NO GO.
- wet snow flurries WHAT THE HELL TORONTO
- gilbert gottfried

i do realise there is a conflict of interest here, because everyone starts off as children. as a result, i am adding to the axis of scrooge 'the acknowlegement of everyone starting off as children at one point in time'. ignorance will never be added to the list.

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