i think this is one of the funniest pictures i've ever seen online, ever. he's from toronto, so im sure he'll manuver his e-self over here eventually. i hope.

hey, you're offensively into ferrets and weed in a manner that's altogether too close for comfort. sup guy?

i hate pot culture so much. pot? fine. friends that smoke pot? fine. friends that own a drug rug? well, kinda iffy territory. friends that have pot computer desktops, bong centerpieces, pot related internet layouts/skins/cursors, pot leaf magnets, magazines focused on pot, and that find this girl hot?

not friends.

i'm dreading further image searching this because there is no way i could possibly fathom the reasoning behind any of it at all. seeing stonerculture unravel in front of my eyes is the worst dead-sober trip i'll ever have. when a drug gives you a bad trip, it leaves you hesitant to give it another try, if something during a perfectly normal day happens that makes me toapprehensive,
i kill myself.

after all my pot head and hippy stoner roomates i've had in a small lifetime, i'm entirely surprised im still alive.

being too immersed into stonerculture, is like the epicentre of retards. have you any idea the sheer irritation faced with having your birthday on april twentieth, and half the happy birthday wishes received being followed by "wahooooaaa four twenty !!!!"

on girls gone weed, you dont even choose what kinda hawties you're checking out but what 'dem hawties r smokin'. whether bong hits, joints & blunts, clouding around, or glass pipes be your slut's activity of choice. AWESOME !

i guess if you can't beat em, you might as well join em,

takin hauls in their own stewed self made bong water in the tub.

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