i'm mad.

i've been reading over some prior blog type stuff of mine, and i'm just noticing that my myspace ramblings have so many random letters snuck in, or words missing letters and forgotten conjugations. it looks like i was using a fat hand typing wand. this is shit. especially since im generally a nazi over spelling. not so much capitalization nor punctuation since my rants are usually written in the manner i would talk, and thus, welcome to comma-ville !

thanks for stopping by lil' pal !

here's some material to kill boredom at work;
  • myspace !!
  • facebook !!
  • livejournal !!

    keeping in mind 99.666666666666666666667% of stuff is pure jokes, don't go around thinking i host conjugal prison visits in my home. actually, no. DO go around thinking that my vagina is its own brothel.


    its nearly 3am, i should be sleeping. i was so grumpy at work today. i'm already pre-emptively looking forward to getting home from work tomorrow so i can nap !
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