ive got a blog again. i mostly have talked so much about wanting to get back into blogging, missing writing, not really having an accurate depiction of how mad i get at times at the most ridiculous things...that yes, i've gone and done it. i've gone off to the e-deep end and i've abandoned livejournal and committed to blogger. as an introductory post which will go down in history as my first blogspot entry, im gonna leech off of margaret cho and make fun of my asian heritage. god bless jenny and her dickies.

now. everytime i mention dickies, everyone either looks at me utterly confused as to what i'm even rambling about, or with a bizarre leer as to why my mother is wearing the same pants as avril lavigne. s8ter m0m never really caught on.

but no. these are dickies. this is a dickie.
hell, even a fleecy dickie to tickle your fancy or maybe even to crawl into on groundhog day and kill yourself when you dont feel like putting up with winter for another few weeks.

sorry mutt. is not a dickie.

but wait, i know i know, youre all thinking, but jen , what about all the various holidays i celebrate. really? you think they can cut the neck out of a turtleneck and put a loincloth on your chest but not be prepared for passover? YOU FOOL welcome to the easter dickie.
get ready to slip into your most queer dickie variety, thats what.

on this page, you can actually read testimonials of all the happy go lucky dickie lovers.
thankfully to ready yourself for hilarious testimonials, they prep you to fear for your life with mannequins, which have the eyes of albino hamsters. i mean, if that doesn't increase sales, call me silly !
my order arrived here at the office in the morning mail. Quick service!! Thanks. I’ve got the navy one on already under my lighter blue work shirt, and it looks and feels great. After I model for my wife, I’m sure I’ll want more. Dave
if a husband, or for that matter, anyone i've ever rubbed genitals with in a past present or future life, had ever once even had the dimmest bulb of a thought of "yeah, jen will totally dig this dickie".... i can't even finish this thought due to excessive gagging and convulsing it's brought on, but it'd probably include an abortion, two paperclips, and spam.

i could ramble all night about this, i'll probably go out now and think of various other google image searches i couldve done and touch base on this tommorrow. and no, "dickies naked sluts" didnt turn up anything interesting unfortunately. 'naked dickies turtlenecks' did however provide a cute lil idea for st patricks day.


Misty Blue said...

hahahaha, fuck i'm so glad you're blogging

2LT Bloggins said...

I went to school with a guy who wore a dickie all winter long, it was ridiculous.

Oh, I want you inside me.